Kelly King: Habitat for Humanity Restore Project

    On November 5, 2016 several members of the KSU Rotaract club lent a helping hand to the Manhattan ReStore. Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that builds homes for poverty stricken people and families around the world. ReStore is an organization within Habitat for Humanity that helps the organization make its money. ReStores all over the nation collect donated goods and sell them to make money for Habitat for Humanity, so they can build homes. ReStores are almost completely run by volunteers. So, when the Rotaract club arrived we were welcomed with a hearty to do list.

    Six members of the Rotaract club were able to attend the project. During our time at the Manhattan ReStore we were able to stain a new trailer, unload new products, assemble donations, and do some much needed organization. Though our group was small, we were able to help our community and help a local store continue running successfully for another day.

    Personally, I was filled with joy when working with my club on this project. There are few things that I find more rewarding than working with my friends to meet a common goal. Everyone who attended this event was able to exercise leadership through serving the community. Progress must keep on keeping on, I look forward to seeing all readers of this reflection out in the community getting involved in social change.

If you would like to get involved with Manhattan's Habitat for Humanity or ReStore, hit the links below. The KSU Rotaract club is looking forward to a continued relationship with a truly amazing organization!