Valeria Rubio: Library Sale Reflection

Volunteering at the Annual Library Book Sale reminded me of how reading an old styled book is good for the soul. It's really easy to get caught up in technology and other distractions as a college student, but getting to see all of the books allowed me to just take a step back and enjoy the moment. It actually got me excited about reading again... for fun!
I also had the great opportunity to meet other amazing volunteers from the community who are passionate about the work that they do.This great community event was not only a great experience for myself and the other volunteers, but it helped benefit those in the community allowing people to enjoy books at a good and reasonable price.  
These experiences are the small, yet eye-opening experiences that we get to do as we volunteer, helping make a positive change in the community. I'm definitely excited about continuing my journey has an active participant in the community through great projects such as the Annual Library Book Sale in Manhattan. "

-Valeria Rubio