Sam Carpenter: Birthday Books | Sept. 18th Distribution

On September 18th, several Rotaractors helped children at Northview Elementary pick out a book for their birthday. One of KSU Rotaract's main service projects, it is always a fresh and fun experience. In partnership with the Manhattan Rotary Club who supplies the books, our club wraps and distributes them at intervals to the students at Northview Elementary. We target this school as it was discovered that in this lower income area many children never received a book as a gift. It has been a fruitful project spreading literacy and love of books.

Meet Rotaractor Samantha Carpenter. A Pre-Med undergraduate at K-State who recently joined Rotaract. She loved the project and wanted to share a few words:

"Birthday books was a really awesome experience for everyone involved, not just the children. When you’re young, I can remember no time of the year that was more special than your birthday. To be able to play a role in the birthday celebrations of so many kids in the matter of a few short hours, is one of the most enriching experiences that I’ve ever had the chance to be apart of. I think that the idea of Birthday Books in itself is very special. Not only do the kids receive a gift that can be beneficial to their education, but the act of receiving a present in itself can brighten a child’s whole day. I was very proud and felt honored to be a part of such a cool celebration. I’m extremely excited for next month."

Thanks Sam!

If you would like more information on how to donate your time or money to this project please contact Logan Crawford at or visit our Birthday Book Page .