As members of Rotary international, the Kansas State University Rotaract club has always believed in putting the need of our  community above our own. As much as we stand behind putting service above all else, we cannot ignite the change we hope to see without your help. Together, we can continue working in conjunction with our community and communities abroad developing sustainable and pragmatic solutions. Any donation you can provide will go towards where it will most effectively address the greatest of needs. Please take a look at our Service Projects page to read about some of our most impactful projects. 

Please consider donating through our secure link provided below.


Fundraising Efforts for 2018-2019

KSU Rotaract is looking to raise $1,000 for Box City, $500 for International Service Trip and $500 for RYLA. Help us reach our goals! Look for updated information in the near future!

Box City is an event hosted by the KSU Rotaract Club to raise awareness about homelessness. Students who participate in the event sleep outside for a night in boxes to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to have no home to go to. Donations made towards Box City will go directly to Manhattan Emergency Shelter (MESI) and ShelterBox, two organizations that strive to better the lives of the homeless. We have surpassed our 1st goal before the month deadline! We have increased our goal from $1,000 to $1,500. Way to go, Rotaractors! Keep up the great work!

We hope to take an International Service Trip this coming winter with Woodland Public Charity. Rotaracters were taken to Panama in 2016 for the last service trip. The main objectives of Woodland Public Charity in Panama was to build a sustainable infrastructure that will provide access to clean water, sustainable food, healthcare, and education that will be self-sustained for generations to come.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership conference open to Rotaract members from around the world. This program provides young people with the opportunity to learn about the importance of leadership and practice it among their peers. Outside of growing in leadership skills, attendees are able to network and meet people from around the world.

Club Dues

Please pay club dues using our secure link here or contact an officer if you are paying with cash.