Guatemala | Day 1 : An Amazing Monday, March 17th

March 17th, 2014

What an amazing Monday!

We started out with breakfast at our hotel in Guatemala City, then drove about 3 hours to Panajachel. We ate an authentic, delicious lunch & drove about 20 minutes to the community of Patanatic to start in on the volunteer work.

Jorge gave us a tour of the community center & medical facility in Patanatic. Much has been constructed over the past few years, and they have big plans for the future, involving more private consultation rooms, medical training programs, housing for volunteers, and scholarships for native Patanatics aspiring to enter the medical field.

The team split up into 4 groups, with each group visiting about 8 homes to check the cookstoves and water filtration systems. They looked at cleanliness and functionality to determine future repairs and improvements while getting a true feel for how the local population lives. The community was very welcoming and our team enjoyed the eye-opening start to volunteering!

Here are some photos from our day:

The group arriving at Lake Atitlán

Touring the community center & medical facility

Part of the pharmacy

Water filter example

One of the exam rooms

The dentistry room

Some of the donations the group brought--thanks to all who donated!

An example of an in-use filter

In-use cook stove

A local community leader, who showed us around & translated from Mayan to Spanish

Christy & some new friends

Learning how to make tortillas back in Panajachel

Fabric donations for water filter covers from Sam & TJ

finishing the day in Panajachel