Help Nacole

Update: After two months, 290 Facebook shares, 93 supporters, and an overwhelming show of community, the “Help Nacole” fundraiser was able to reach its donation goal. Below is a message from Nacole to everyone who has reached out to help in her time of need.  


"Thank you all for your generosity. I cannot say that losing everything in a fire wasn't scary or hard, but the kindness and generosity of friends and strangers is making the experience easier and reaffirmed my belief that people are good. I will pay the support forward and cannot say thank you enough" -Nacole Boan

Recently, my teacher, friend, and coach, Nacole Boan lost everything in an apartment fire. Initially, I was shocked, angry, and upset. 
I met Nacole Boan my Junior year of High school. She was my history teacher and the assistant coach to the Debate and Forensics teams. Every day after school, myself and another half dozen students would go to Ms. Boan’s class and hang out. We were there under the pretext of practicing speeches and researching for debate. While we did a fair amount of both, Ms. Boan’s classroom was so much more than just a place for school work. It was a safe haven. She didn’t have to keep her doors open. I’m sure her contractual obligations ended long before she ever locked her classroom doors for the night, but she stayed. To me, that meant more than anyone could ever realize. Nacole is an Americorps Teach for America Alumni. She served for three years in an under served Houston, TX Title I school district. She was a classroom educator for 8 years and is currently an Administrative Intern with the (Kansas) Blue Valley School district. She has spent years consistently putting service above self.

After the initial shock, I realized that I needed to find a way to help. Immediately, I thought of the best community to reach out to, my friends in Rotary. 

Now, we need your help. Megan Sullivan, Nacole’s sister, has put together a fundraising page to help get Nacole back up on her feet. Please consider donating by clicking the “Donate” button below. For further information, feel free to contact Megan at, or me at  If you’d like to make a donation through the K-State Rotary club, use our donations page and mention this fundraiser in the comments. 

Show me that we have not lived in vain.

Peace, Love, and Rotary.

Mac Phrommany