Panama | Day 1 & 2 : January 6th & 7th

Panama greeted us with warm smiles and breezes, while our jetlagged bodies make there way through customs and headed to our hotel. We sped down the streets of Panama going many Kilometers an hour - yes, Kilometers, we’re not in the USA anymore.

We make it, our hotel, we get our room keys and crawl our way into bed attempting to squeeze as much sleep into the next 5 hours as possible. Our alarm goes off much too soon and its time to go.

Still dragging from the previous day as we went to breakfast. For our first meal we enjoyed local cuisine, some of us being more adventurous than others. Almost an hour and a half went by as we ate, talked, and enjoyed our surroundings.

With a new found pep we headed to Panama City. We visited the heart of the town. We roamed from chapels to churches and bustling stores to street vendors. Haggling for the first time, we stocked up on goodies, including free hater stones (amethyst).

Our final stop was El Dorado Rotary. As soon as we walked through the door we were welcomed like old friends. We met with community leaders and they told us all about their many current projects.

So far, Panama has overwhelmed me with beautiful architecture, people, and memories.

Be a Gift to the World,

Kelly King

Panama hotel is beautiful despite the unsettling scurryings heard while sleeping o.O

First meal of the trip and it was delicious!

Plantains and a "secret sauce". Yum-o!

Sun so bright we can't keep our eyes open! Team had a fun time exploring Panama City.

Selfie with San Felipo Cathedral

We were so honored to be guests of the El Dorado Rotary Club. They sure are movers and shakers!

Even though members of the team don't speak Spanish we felt right at home with the same traditions at the El Dorado Rotary Club.

Thank you again for your hospitality!