2017 Rotary International Convention

During the week of June 10th, 2017 five K-state Rotaract members were given the opportunity to travel to Atlanta to attend the Rotary International Convention with the gracious support of local Rotary Clubs. Thousands of Rotary and Rotaract members from clubs all over the world come together at this convention every year to discover new perspectives on international service, gain insight into global projects, learn about strategies for member retention, as well as build relationships with clubs from over 200 countries. It was amazing to see so many people with come together in one city in the name of service.


House of Friendship

One of my favorite parts of the RI convention is the House of Friendship, where you can walk to hundred of booths manned by other Rotary Clubs from around the globe and learn about their projects and how to get involved. Getting to interact with people from so many different cultures was inspiring. Our club spent a great deal of time here collecting contact information from other clubs for future partnerships, learning about projects that we could implement ourselves, and discovering other cultures.



My time at RI was very rewarding in that I was able to make connections with so many different people that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet. It was heartwarming to know how dedicated other clubs are to Rotary and how much change is being made all over the globe. So often we have blinders on to the rest of the world and forget all of the amazing acts of kindness and love taking place in so many different communities. 


global visionaries

The saying “birds of a feather flock together” couldn’t be truer at RI. Whether it was at the conference, on the subway, or around the city, you could always find a Rotary badge and a new contact card in your pocket for a possible partnership. Overall, the Rotary International Convention was a great experience for me. I left with an increased awareness about the world, inspiration for new club projects, and a heck of a lot of pamphlets. -Amber Craig